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AMD’s new family of processors have been offered at Computex.


AMD was 50 this year, and it’s celebrating the old-fashioned way: By means of massively improving its processor construction.

At Computex 2019 the chipmaker offered a slew of latest processor devices, every central and graphics, running its new 7nm construction. On the CPU facet is the Zen 2 range, while the GPUs fall beneath the new Navi umbrella.

The “one very last thing” 2d of the press conference, which kicks off days of Taiwan’s annual pc extravaganza, was the Ryzen 7 3900X CPU. A competitor for Intel’s among the best Core i9 9920X CPU, the “no compromise” Ryzen 7 3900X choices 12 cores and has a boost clock pace of 4.6GHz. It runs on 105 watts, versus the 9920X’s a lot much less atmosphere pleasant 165 watts, and additional importantly will retail for $499 upon its July 7 unencumber. The 9920X, for comparison, costs $1,199.

(International pricing or availability wasn’t mentioned right through the press conference.)

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AMD, preventing to take marketshare from every Intel and Nvidia, showed many competitor comparison films all the way through the conference. When it were given right here to the 3900X versus the i9 9920X, the Blender benchmarking instrument had AMD at an 18 potency lead. 

You should always take such benchmark results with a grain of salt, since firms obviously select and make a selection checks that lean into their product’s strengths, then again that potency at $499 is unquestionably impressive. 

AMD moreover offered two other processors for desktop computers. First, the $329 Ryzen 7 3700X, which Su touts as the main 7nm desktop CPU. The octa-core processor has 3.6GHz of power (4.4GHz boost), and runs on 65 watts (ultimate year’s 2700X ran on 105 watts). AMD in comparison it to Intel’s $379 Core i7-9700Good enough processor, with an onstage Cinebench take a look at claiming the 3700X to be a third sooner. 

second, the $399 Ryzen 7 3800X for desktop gamers. It is usually an octa-core CPU, runs on 3.8GHz (4.5GHz boost) and 105 watts. AMD says it’s very similar to Intel’s $479 Core i9-9900Good enough. 

Speaking of gamers, Radeon, AMD’s line of graphics enjoying playing cards, moreover got some love at the Computex kickoff. Su well-known that Sony’s PlayStation 5 would be powered by way of a custom designed setup of a Navi GPU and Zen 2 CPUs previous to pronouncing the RX5000 line of graphics enjoying playing cards.


An Intel + Nvidia combo vs. AMD’s new Ryzen and Radeon processors. The principle setup ran at 14 frames in step with second in this 3D Mark take a look at, with AMD’s hitting 25 frames in step with second.


The street is named in honor of AMD’s 50th anniversary, Su discussed. We then got our first competitor comparison of the evening time, with an RX 5000-series GPU side-by-side with a Nvidia RTX 2070, every running co-op game Strange Brigade. AMD’s part, Radeon customary manager Scott Herkelman discussed, ran spherical 10 upper than the 2070. 

Navi will free up in July, like the new Ryzen CPUs, then again we don’t understanding pricing however. That may be offered at E3 in June, AMD discussed. 

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