Novo Frases De Aniversario Para Irmã 2016

Today the day belongs to my sister a birthday means more than you can imagine, just a reflection on all events this year that just ended and prepares new attitudes to the beginning. My sister, God’s kindness and mercy are a constant In your life are more than brothers, because her happiness means so much to me that I do not live without being sure of her well-being.You are unparalleled precious, wonderful person who rejoices the lives of all with your presence. You have a great and generous heart that warm all of you with your affection. Today is your special day, my sister, and so it is also a special day for me and all who love it, because it completes another year of life, another year that was blessed by his presence. Happy birthday sister  ! You know how much I love and admire you, But I will never miss an opportunity to tell you and the world, because wonderful people like you are rare and deserve all the honors they receive. I wish your journey is long, happy and illuminated by the rays of joy, health, friendship And love. And wherever that walk takes you, know that you can always count on my support and love.

Birthday phrases

New Birthday Phrases For Sister 2016

1) You still know that there are people who do everything to make you feel happy to celebrate another birthday.

2) If you doubt everything, even your own convictions, and if unbelief overwhelm your heart, turn to Jesus and He will flood you with light and rehabilitate you in the conquest of happiness. Happy Birthday!

3) It’s great to know that I can always count on you and it’s great to have you as my sister.

4) Happy Birthday, my sister! More than a sister, you are a friend and companion, sharing your existence is a gift from God! I love you!

5) That on this date you are in total harmony, with much peace and love in your heart. May it be surrounded by good friends and people who love you.

6) May this day be like the sun, shine forth with all its intensity, with all its fullness and magic. I wish you all the happiness in the world!

7) What joy and serenity float through the air and get lost in the universe. It is easy to perceive the positive energy that emanates from hearts that desire good.

8) Extend your hands that He will lead you to the serene mansions of the infinite on the bright light of eternity … Happy Birthday!

9) For me, on this great day, the greatest happiness is to say that I have a great sister. May the joy you seek insistently bring you peace and security to yourself.

10) I wish a lot of joy, a lot of affection, a lot of love! Not only today but throughout your life! All the best to you, my sister! Happy Birthday

11) Today is your birthday, a special date for you, and it also makes us very happy to know that you are happy, by picking up another rose from your garden.

12) I thought of a thousand ways how to tell you how much I feel taking you as my sister and then I thought this way could demonstrate all my love for you,

13) Congratulations Congratulations and many, Peace, health and much Love I wish you with all my heart!

14) May today be a great day, that the love that united us one day by family ties, can unite us always. You’re a great sister. Happy Birthday!

15) I am the dynamics of life and the harmony of nature, some call me love, the remedy for all the evils that torment human beings.

Birthday phrases

16) My Sister! May God give you all the happiness in the world. All the best on your birthday, Congratulations

17) Happy birthday and may the hands of Jesus always anoint your head and bless your steps, congratulations and many praises for your life! Love you sister!

18) You show us all your vivacity and your struggle to realize your ideals, and we want this encouragement to be ever present in your life so that you can achieve all your dreams.

19) Congratulations Sister! May God give you health, joy and make happiness a trail of light in your life! Success and Congratulations!

20) In this special day, I want to wish you all the happiness of the world, and may God bless you with much peace and health! Congratulations, you have the best birthday of your life!

21) Congratulations, my Sister! You merce all that is best for the kind and caring person you have always been! Thank God for putting you in my life! Many congratulations and a shower of blessings! Success always

22) Happy birthday with a deep, sincere and true love! Whatever is best in the world is what I want.

  • Happy birthday with deep, sincere and true affection.
  • Everything must be the best in the world that I want.
  • Congratulations, my sister, and always be very happy!

23) Today belongs to my sister, after all a birthday means more than you can imagine, it is enough to reflect on all the events of this year that is ending and to prepare new attitudes for what begins.

24) My Sister! On this special day I would like to remind you when you are important to me and how it makes a difference to have your presence at different times in my life! Happy Birthday

25) Today you celebrate another year of life. You, who make my life joyful and full of love! Congratulations sister! Lots of blesses! Happy Birthday!

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26) Today is your day, it’s a great day. Days and years have passed and you remain special and beloved by all who know and admire her

27) You are a gift from God, a light that encourages and makes you live. It is a perfumed rose, pure and crystalline, it is rock that does not shake, it is like a light and relaxed breeze, it is a beautiful person.

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Sister’s Birthday Phrases

28) Let your joy grow, build in you a beautiful life, full of fulfilled desires. You, in this tender and affectionate manner, have in the eyes the hope of winning. Happy Birthday!

29) Many kisses for your birthday, I wish all the best for you, my beautiful Little Sister

30) If for a moment you forget the one who created you, ask the brook that murmurs and the bird that sings, or the flower that blossoms, or the star that flickers and you will get the following answer.

31) I would like to make an everlasting poetry to him, which was recorded in his heart as a gift and remembrance.

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32) My sister, may the goodness and mercy of God be a constant in your life. We are more than brothers, because your happiness means so much to me that I would not know how to live without being sure of your well-being.

33) Happy Birthday! Congratulations, peace, love and judgment! May your life always sail in a clear and calm sea with serenity, purity and happiness

34) Today I want to desire all that is most beautiful and pure and to say how much you are loved and loved by me.

35) Every year that passes you surprises in joy and companionship !!

36) That your life is the way of love, only it is able to show the true meaning of life, so look with a smile more this past year and thank God every second lived, and that the next are full of light .

37) I ask God to enlighten and protect you always! May love and peace and health be ever present in your life! Happy Birthday Sister


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