Google Glass Endeavor Model 2 drops to $999 and gives Qualcomm’s XR1

Six years after Google Glass was once unveiled, it’s going without saying that the main number one augmented truth headset wasn’t the massive success some imagined: The $1,500 Enterprise Edition was once in any case pitched just about only to corporations, and after less than two years, the company had to tell other people it hadn’t been abandoned. It’s been a while, on the other hand Google is nowadays in a position to officially unveil Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, a followup with a quicker processor, advanced digital camera, and new Smith Optics frames — now for $999.

The sequel has been publicly throughout the works for long enough to qualify as an open secret, having been outed with FCC filings and glaring benchmarks ultimate 12 months. On the other hand there’s additional to the story: While leaks instructed it might feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor, it’s in reality arriving with a superior Snapdragon XR1 chip, which Google touts as offering significantly additional processing power, better energy efficiency, and reinforce for every AI and computer vision. The chip has a 1.7GHz clock speed with four cores, and common battery existence is now up to 8 hours between recharges with an 820mAh cellular.

Google moreover says that it’s bumping the digital camera from 5MP to 8MP in nevertheless resolution, with 720p video reinforce, on the other hand it didn’t have anything to say about enhancements to Glass’ display. Prior models included a 640 by means of 360 pixel show inside a clear, prism-shaped box in front of one eye, and that’s the reason nevertheless the case with Glass 2; a Google advisor merely described it as “identical.”

Now not necessary Smith Optics coverage frames are possibly necessarily probably the most eye-catching alternate. Glass 2 turns out to handle the majority of its hardware inside the proper stem, with asymmetrical bulges on that side, while the doorway can use hip, thick plastic lens frames as a substitute of a rimless design — there’s moreover a thin wired frame closer to the original taste. The new taste moreover supplies a USB-C port for quicker recharging, and features every Bluetooth 5 and Wi-Fi 5 reinforce.

On the device side, Google says that Glass Endeavor Model 2 can be easier to extend for, as it’s built on Android and can leverage provide APIs, along with Android Endeavor Mobile Software Regulate for scaled deployments. As benchmarks instructed ultimate 12 months, it runs Android 8.1 Oreo, on the other hand with every Android Pie and Q now throughout the wild, it’ll get an substitute someday.

Google is taking orders for the Glass Endeavor Model 2 starting today. While the company’s private MSRP is $999, third-party pricing will vary consistent with the partner it’s sourced from, with some firms offering installment plans and/or supplementary products and services and merchandise that may make it more or less rather priced.

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